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Hezbollah in a spin - Comment on 2011 August 20 (3)

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2011 August 20 (3)
Rebellion in Syria brings the Lebanese Hezbollah into a spin. Read more:

A week ago I read a headline and this resulted in the entry
2011 Aug 13 (3) - Hezbollah spins
and today I read the article to this headline and bring some points from it, which contribute to the understanding of the situation in the Middle East, an area which is of special importance in the times of the end:

Rebellion in Syria brings the Lebanese Hezbollah into a spin.
The conflict in Syria brings a powerful collateral damage for the Lebanese Hezbollah.
The Shiite organization is supported by Tehran and Damascus.
Military wise it is stronger than ever.
Politically it is as influential as never before.
With Najib Mikati, a prime minister made by Hezbollah is for the first time in Lebanon in office.
And still Hezbollah is at a low, concerning its reputation, in Lebanon and in Syria.
But also in the rest of the Arab world, which otherwise respected it for its resistance, especially for having emerged unbroken from the war with Israel 2006.
Its double standard – otherwise always a permanent accusation against the USA – in the face of the Arabic protest movement is striking.
In Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Bahrain Hezbollah was – as also Iran – on the side of the demonstrators against the regimes acceptable to the West.
Regarding the revolt in Syria however the Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah immediately expressed himself in favour of the ‘resistance regime’ in Damascus: Bashar al-Assad is a reformer, the protestors act in favour of Israel and the USA.
With the fall of Assad the Iranian lifeline of the Hezbollah running via Damascus would be cut off.
With it Iran would also be pushed out of the region.
In Lebanon the annoyance about the position of Hezbollah is so great in circles critically towards Syria, that even Hezbollah flags were burnt at demonstration for the support of the Syrian protest movement.
Also the protesting Syrians realize that Hezbollah, which behaves as a people’s party, promptly no longer has the people in mind when it is about their own interests.
The Syrians, so the opinion in Syria, had for years brought great political sacrifices as allies of the Hezbollah – in the face of lack of solidarity this would be over, as soon as Assad is gone.
More and more Lebanese feel that Hezbollah holds the country in hostage imprisonment and there will be no normal international relationships possible as long as no limits are set to the organization – it is disarmed!
Accusations that Hezbollah fighters – as also alleged Iranians – would act at the side of Assad security forces against Syrian demonstrators, the organization has vigorously denied.

So that were excerpts from what I read today.

The struggle of nations can be observed at the moment especially in Libya and in Syria. In Libya Nato supports the Libyan people. In Syria it does not do this; the Syrian people are not supported by Nato. The situation in Libya is relatively simple. Not so in Syria. In Syria Hezbollah acts a part but especially Iran.

An important thing in Syria is the neighbourhood, and the history, with Israel.

A further point of view is the connection between Syria and Russia. An intervention in Syria would touch the interests of Russia, especially military wise.

Syria also has a border with Turkey, and the Turks no longer like the politics of the Syrian government, see:
2011 Aug 13 - Turkey gives Syria ultimatum to stop violence.

A further neighbour of Syria is Iraq, and Iraq acts for example an important part for Syria in that respect that Iraq, through its state territory, prevents a direct connection of Syria with Iran. This fact could cause Iran to penetrate into Iraq to reach Syria and to defend its interests there: See:
2011 Auf 13 (2) – Syria/Iran – Report: Iran to fund Syrian army base

This scenario, that Iran pushes westward, has been dealt with on this website several times already, the last time more detailed in
2011 Feb 04 – The Arab revolt

So we will see what happens next.

But having absorbed the above information about Hezbollah one cannot fail noticing the evil character of this organization and this applies to Hamas as well. And not only this, it also applies to everyone else who supports these organizations and who supports their activities and political tactical manoeuvres and there it does not matter where in the world such supporters are.

This collateral damage Hezbollah had to suffer is of course quite substantial, but what is more significant is the collateral damage Iran received through the development in Syria. Iran seems to be on the brink of losing its only ally in the region, Syria, should the present government in Damascus fall. In 2009 the presidential election seems to have been rigged in Iran and this was then approved by the religious leadership and now this religious leadership has to live with this fraud and might itself be rigged out of power by the president and a military intervention in direction of the west, towards Syria, might be an action that helps to facilitate the taking over of power in Iran by the president.

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