Matter is the gathering place of all immature spiritual.

Nature of matter - Comment on 2011 September 8

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2011 September 8
And it is now the task of these beings to break through the cover, therefore to become free of all cover – i.e., to overcome matter. Read more:

Today I read the following message by Bertha Dudde and in this connection I had to think of the Vitalists and about that what is in detail dealt with in
Creation – Part 1.

The following message is an informative summary of what matter really is. Genuine “materialists” should therefore, once they really have understood matter, be very spiritual.

Here now what I read today:


Nature of matter

15. and 16. August 1939. B.D. NR. 1058.

To man matter appears to be incorporeal and incorporeal everything what does not hold visible life in itself. And he does not consider how serious especially for all spiritual the stay in matter is – how just matter is the gathering place of all immature spiritual and what important designation therefore is intended for matter by the eternal creator. And therefore matter itself must have come into being out of the will of God. As form coming from the will of God it consequently has to be something which is permanent; it cannot again arbitrarily sink back into nothing but it must remain – and therefore is imperishable however changeable in itself. And everything, what is imperishable, has to be spirit, out of the spirit of God. And this spiritual out of God is surrounded with a cover visible to you men, therefore is that, what is visible to you as matter, something hidden, i.e. covered spiritual, whose cover however is exposed to a permanent change for the purpose of union of the spiritual and therefore permanent increase. This clear explanation gives you information about the contentious question whether and how far matter is incorporeal, and it explains adequately the importance of all that what comes visibly to light in creation. What exists is all spirit out of God, but for men on earth though all spiritual remains invisible, however has to be made recognizable to the human eye and therefore be seeable pure outwardly. And that is why the idea of matter cannot otherwise be made understandable than that innumerable spiritual beings took stay in visible covers created by God for a purpose. And it is now the task of these beings to break through the cover, therefore to become free of all cover – i.e., to overcome matter. Nothing in creation is without purpose, and nothing visible remains unchanged, also the spiritual changes all the time, however not visible to the human eye, and this let men come to the assumption that matter does not hold any being, any living thing in itself. Man cannot follow the process of matter in the short earth time because quite often unbelievable long time belongs to it before an old form has dissolved and changed into a new form. And that is why all that what needs long time to change appears to man as completely dead, as incorporeal, because where man can observe a permanent reshaping, there he already admits certain life in it, and where life is ascertained, there one also acknowledges already more the spiritual power which is exactly the epitome of life. The more now man gives space to these thoughts in himself that everything created is also God’s breath, but that the breath of God can never be something dead, something incorporeal, but power inciting to life always and all the time, which incites everything to activity, but never remains in inactivity, then he never looks at the form visible to him as incorporeal mass, and the connectedness of all works of creation becomes clear to him because all these works of creation are bearers of innumerable beings which strive towards unification in themselves and who need for this a long time as well as an outer form. Amen. B.D. NR. 1058.


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