You and your entire people are to be happy that you are black.

The Blacks of Africa - Comment on 2012 March 18

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2012 March 18

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My noble, black-skinned friend, you and your entire people are to be happy that you are black, and that you still live in the innocent huts of spring of the true life; because exactly through this you are still that what the right man is to be according to the order of the most high spirit of God! But therefore also remain continually that what you are now, also in your latest descendants, then you will never have to complain about the trouble and misery of human life! Read more:

In yesterday’s entries we were dealing with
2012 Mar 17– Having dominion over the creatures upon the earth and
2012 Mar 17 2 – Hinduism and Buddhism
and in both entries Oubratouvishar, the Upper Egyptian, was mentioned, the leader of black people in Africa. They are the descendants of Cain and not Noah, because the highland, as well as several other countries of the earth, escaped from the great flood at the times of Noah.

And today we want to deal a bit more with these black people in Africa.

In the entry
2011 Jan 01 – Why Noah‘s Flood was not worldwide
we had already seen that the Flood, among others, did not reach the highland of Africa and that is why the people there did not die, that therefore also other people except those in Noah’s Ark remained alive. These other people where therefore also descendants of Adam and Eve. But this does not rule out that there were and still are people on earth who are not descendants of Adam and Eve, and these could be people like the Bushmen in Africa and the natives in Australia. The main characteristics of these people seem to be to have a much closer relationship to the spiritual side of life and therefore they fulfil the real purpose of life more correctly.

But today we want to bring more information about the Blacks in Africa and therefore here some excerpts from the writings of Jakob Lorber.

Here the first excerpt:


      (the Lord:) »Most of you know at least according to the legend the famous old land of Egypt.
      Behind the great waterfalls of the Nile there is a very fertile and great mountainous land, and has the name hAbi ie sin (that is hAbi’s son). This hAbi is a descendant of Cain and not of Noah; because the highland, as also several countries of the earth, escaped the great Flood at Noah’s times.
      The son of this hAbi was like Nimrod a powerful hunter. He invented the club and the bow, and all animals of whatever so rapacious fierce savagery fled already from him from far; because he was a giant. His voice made rocks tremble; with his mighty club he dashed rocks to pieces, and with his bow he shot ten pound heavy arrows thousand steps far; and on what he aimed that he surely hit and made it to his bag.
      But besides him being a master over all animals, also all his weaker brothers and sisters obeyed him. He was very serious but yet nevertheless never cruel, yes, not even hard: but what he ordered that had to happen.
      He believed in some far away, almighty God, of whom all things originate. But this God has innumerable many and extremely mighty servants and helpers, visible and invisible. Some had to rule over sun, moon and over all stars, some over the earth kingdom, some over the water, some over the fire and so on, some over the grass, over trees and shrubbery, some over the waters above and under earth, some over metals, some over birds in the air, some over all animals in the water and some over all animals which walk and crawl around on earth.
      These invisible servants and often visible helpers were always to be held in high honour through obedience and strict heeding of the laws which they give to men at times. Disobedience they always punished in a most appreciable way through all kinds of evil, which they would impose upon men who do not pay attention to them to follow their laws and also behave as men unfriendly to one another.
      Short, this son of hAbi was the first sovereign of this people of that time and at the same time the first priest who gave it a meagre idea of God and other spiritual beings, and was in the line a sixth descendant of Cain and as seventh of Adam.
      He taught it to get to know the tame animals, to treat them and to use them in the household and was therefore a right founder of a colony of herdsmen and also taught it to recognize many fruits as food, to build in gardens, to cultivate and to graft; he also taught it to build huts out of stone, palms and mud and to take a secure home in it.
      He himself cleaned the entire, great country from the rapacious, wild beasts. Already his just as gigantic mighty sons reaped the blessing of the tireless efforts of their mighty father. Over a course of a couple of centuries this black-skinned people had grown up to a great and mighty people and had good customs and a quite useful state institution, wiser and better than Egypt itself under the first head shepherds (Varaos).
      But this quite happy people barricaded all at all possible entrances in such a way that it was even for the foreign wild animals close to impossible to visit and harm the rich herds of this wide and broad extended great country, which had the fivefold size of the entire Promised Land. But for this reason also no foreign enemy pushed through to the green fields of this country, although the people already spread until now far beyond the old borders. But they also barricaded the borders of every new possession in such a way that it did not become easily possible for its enemy to force its way over the borders into the interior of the country.


So this information contains a quite interesting description of the spiritual world and how this black people through their understanding of this spiritual world came to good customs and were wiser and better than even the best Egyptians.

This people therefore spread and then populated the entire African continent except the north.

Yesterday we heard about Oubratouvishar, the Upper Egyptian, and he was the leader of black Africans who had separated from the others, and what now follows gives an explanation about this event and shows, as often in the life of mankind, their customs decline and when some want to return to truth, they are getting persecuted.

Here again an excerpt from Jakob Lorber:


      Asks me Markus with an overjoyed face: »Lord, you omniscient one! How many persons are in this caravan?«
      Say I: »It consists of exactly seventy heads, among them also, as with their fleeing fore-parents, 34 women and 36 men. The one without a wife is the seer, and the second without a wife is his servant!
      See, so these blacks became fugitive nearly 1000 years ago, and that was based on a reform against the laws, which were certainly, at the times of Moses, no longer that what they were before the Flood! The old leader, who became fugitive, wanted to revive the old customs and practices; but he came across nothing but enemies who started to persecute him quite terribly along with his following so that in the end he did not have any choice but to flee before the blind fanatic superior strength of his quite many enemies.
      That escape was therefore a prophetic omen for the reception of a higher light and also indicated at the times of Moses to the better descendants of Cain that in this time also a light of redemption will dawn on them. The blacks will of course not completely reach the well of Jacob like the children of Abraham, but its marvellous water they are nevertheless to drink when they thirst for it.


And now follows a part of an address to Oubratouvishar, the Upper Egyptian. The address was given by Justus Platonicus. He is an old man, highest priest in Memphis, appointed from Rome as governor of the city and its area, therefore Egypt, and he makes this speech to Oubratouvishar on the occasion of the visit of Oubratouvishar in Memphis.

This address gives insights into the difference of blacks and whites as it was at that time, 2000 years ago, and when we have a look at this address then not too much seems to have changed since then.

Here therefore Justus Platonicus:


      Therefore you remain in your great and original purity of nature and have never cravings for such a wretched country culture! Just do not build towns! Remain in your simple huts and you can be the happiest people of earth for throughout times of times, and that especially when you remain in the right enlightenment of the one and only true God, honour and love him alone. Also if you cannot see him, so can still he, and he will always equip you with that power which you need for the stopping of every element hostile to man. According to the original laws of nature man is lord over everything which is, lives and breathes on, under and above earth.
      You are still what man is to be! The furious lion flees from you, and tigers, and panthers, hyenas, wolfs, bears, snakes and adders flee from your nearness; only the tame herds follow you wherever you go! Equipped with such qualities man still stands on such sublime original level upon which the creator has put him at the beginning of all creatures. You lay down on the lawn, under which the rattlesnake and the poisonous viper play their games, and they retreat from the holy place upon which man as the lord of nature has taken his bed! The most evil ant, the curse of many forests and steppes, migrates, as soon as man enters the area in his original power and erects his home. The lion, the panther, the most evil tiger keeps away from the herds, which genuine man guards, and crocodile, the dragon of the Nile, can never be seen in those parts of the country which are inhabited by men. The ibis, the stork and the icz ne ma on (Ichneumon = poison he does not have) stand most obligingly at the disposal of man and clean the country from all creeping animal vermin, and the sharply seeing eagle seeks all carrion and consumes it so that the air never gets polluted.
      Today I let 100 men stay overnight on that right of pasturage, which I will assign to you, and not one will escape with his life in the morning of the next day; because those are no longer men but weak silhouettes of them, and their deformed bodies are true homes of all possible evil and unfermented spirits of nature and unnaturalness. Their outer living circle is no longer their divine I but a common animal one, and that is why there is no longer power in them and still less outside of them. The outer nature no longer perceives the highest culminating aim of their creature being in them, but only a total depravity and complete destruction of that level on which all creature is to turn into its highest aim. But that is why all creature is most hostile towards such mankind and seeks to completely destroy it in every possible way, because it no longer has to expect anything in it.
      That is why, my noble, black-skinned friend, you and your entire people are to be happy that you are black, and that you still live in the innocent huts of spring of the true life; because exactly through this you are still that what the right man is to be according to the order of the most high spirit of God! But therefore also remain continually that what you are now, also in your latest descendants, then you will never have to complain about the trouble and misery of human life!


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