50 years Bertha Dudde.

Bertha Dudde died 50 years ago - Comment on 2015 September 18

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Bertha Dudde’s work is so impressive since it again summarizes all fundamental points of view of all world religions in a contemporary form and consequently enables all men of Earth to find again back to the one God. Read more:

Bertha Dudde was born on the 1st of April 1891. Her day of death was on the 18th of September 1965 and that was 50 years ago.

And in the year 1965 also ended the writing down of her work. Bertha Dudde wrote the last part of her last announcement. B.D. NR. 9026 on the 5th of August 1965. Bertha Duddes total message therefore exists for 50 years.

There exists a particular important aspect of her work and that becomes clear when one has a look at the world religions and her writings.

The writings of the Christian religion go back quite far and other religions even farther.

Jakob Lorber has demonstrated in his work "The Household of God" that all religions are based on writings which were given to men by God. And this happened most of the time at occasions where God himself visited men and spoke to them and where then these communications were recorded.

One particular visit of God took place 2000 years ago. And the importance of it is that at this occasion God did not simply change into a man and in this way spoke to his children, and simply dissolved after this visit and therefore no longer was present, but that he really became a man, therefore was born of a woman and exactly so grew up as all other men, and then also died bodily.

And also at this visit the communications were recorded, which God had with men and remained preserved.

But also the Christian religion, which resulted from this visit, changed with time, and, exactly as those religions, which had resulted from the previous visits, human influences caused changes, which distorted the original and let something come into being from the living together with God, which has become more or less pure idolatry.

Only that there was one difference. That visit, where God really appeared as man born by a woman, resulted that his disciples, particularly after his death, were led directly by him through him and his spirit, that therefore a direct communication existed.

And this means that the flow of communication, and with it of the writings coming into being, did not come to an end and that therefore these writings always remained up to date.

The change of the Christian religion to idolatry started already very few years after the coming into being of this religion and this movement opposite to God won the upper hand and succeeded to fight and suppress this flow of information so thoroughly, and to destroy all new writings that were created, that basically nothing of it survived.

Jakob Lorber’s works are the great exception and then one century later the work of Bertha Dudde was created and it gives the newest state of the revelations of God, and a considerable part of this refers particularly to the coming end of this our redemption period.

And that is exactly the importance of the work of Bertha Dudde that it shows that the Christian religion, the true Christian religion, is the true religion for all men of this earth, because it is the only religion, which since its coming into being never broke off the communication with God, but has continued this supply of the revelations of God until our time.

With the work of Bertha Dudde we have a documentation, which comes to us in a contemporary language, in a language which is spoken by men today and can therefore be translated into other languages and where such translations can be checked by relative simple means and where therefore all problems with ancient documents and their passing on and translations no longer apply.

And what is even more important is the fact that this word of God is orientated towards our spiritual level of development and can be easily understood by men of Earth of this time.

Bertha Dudde’s work is therefore an impressive documentation, an impressive demonstration, that the revelations of God, which God has given to men right since the start, and upon which the beginnings of all religions are based on, also again today concentrate on this one origin and therefore lead back all religions again to this one origin.

Bertha Dudde’s work is so impressive since it again summarizes all fundamental points of view of all world religions in a contemporary form and consequently enables all men of Earth to find again back to the one God.

2011 Apr 01 – 120 years Bertha Dudde


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